- Do I need to install any software on my PC?

No. You may even switch off your PC at all. Our system works fully online! 

All activities with your accounts are made in our private cloud! 

We provide separate virtual servers for your accounts. 

These servers work all the time without any pauses!
So your accounts are promoted all the time - when you sleep, walk or in a holiday!  This is one of our many advantages in comparison with similar promoting systems.

- How many Instagram accounts can I add to my dashboard?
You can add as many accounts as you need to your dashboard.

- How to add another Instagram account to my dashboard?
To add a new account to your dashboard press "Add more accounts" button and enter your Instagram username and password in a pop up dialog.

- How many Instagram accounts can I have running under one Bigbangram account?

You can run as many Instagram accounts under one Bigbangram account as you need. But each Instagram account needs Activity Time in order to run. So your options are: buy one big time package and split it across all your Instagram accounts, or you can buy at the same time individual package for each account.

- How do I transfer/split my remaining Activity Time from one account to another?

You can transfer your Activity Time from one account to another by yourself. You can also split your time between accounts and transfer only the desired amount.To use this feature, you need to open the managment day page. To do so, please click on the plus button beside the Paid days text on your Dashboard page.

- How to cancel my subscription?

First of all, we don’t offer subscription model. You pay for Activity Time only when you need it, so there’s no recurring subscription to cancel.

- What happens to the money if I delete my account?

  • If you delete the instagram account from the installation, the remaining funds on the account balance will be returned to the common account in the Bigbangram.
  • You can spend these funds on services for any other account.
  • If the deleted account is added to the service install, all settings and promo will be saved.

- How does the promo work?

Promo work in turn, for each promo 50 actions, then the next and so on in a circle.

- How many messages can be sent to the direct mail?

At the moment, there is a limit of 50 messages per day. This limit is set by the system and can not be changed.

- Is my account promoted all the time without any pauses?

Yes. We provide separate virtual servers for your accounts. These servers work all the time without any pauses!

So your accounts are promoted non stop - when you sleep, walk or on holidays!  This is one of our many advantages over other similar promo services.

Why I do not need to set any settings for promotion?

We have developed and continue to improve a very smart promotion system. We strive for perfection and spend a lot of time doing analysis of best promotion parameters to make your life easier and still increase efficiency.

How and why Bigbangram promotion increases my followers, likes and comments?

Bigbangram service follows, likes and comments target Instagram accounts based on your specified criteria.

Bigbangram does it on your behalf. So people actually think that you are interested in their accounts and follow you back.

Some people follow you back immediately. Some people browse your posts and do some activities (follow, like, comment) if they find your posts interesting.

Of course some people do nothing.

Please note - about 50% of target people will not see your activities immediately, but some time later.

- Why do I need a proxy?

Instagram is counteracting with automation softwares and apps on their network. 

Therefore, if they suspect to account activities with a particular IP, They will block the IP address.  You can use a proxy to hide your activities completely and subsequently keep-on your activities without any problem.  For your comfort, we are providing up to 150 free proxies every day. You can test and use them in your dashboard. But beware that we do not guarantee free proxies and it’s a temporary solution. 

- Why shouldn't I enable two-factor authentication when using Instagram Bot?

Instagram has recently added two-factor authentication to its application for more safety. But disabling two-factor authentication doesn't mean your account is not secured. You can always set a strong password for your IG account and your email to protect them. 

Enabling two-factor authentication requires access to your mobile phone and because it is not possible for our Bot to access your phone every time that Instagram sends you a security code, you cannot use the Bot until you disable turn two-factor authentication.

- Sometimes, auto liker doesn't work for some of my accounts, Why?

During high activity of Bots, Instagram will detect the IP Addresses of them after a while. So it will block some requests same as Liking on those IPs. 
Although we set up accounts on different IP Address in our server pool, Instagram keeps detecting Bot IP addresses and blocks them.
To solve this problem, we have provided adding proxy option in our app. So you can add a Proxy IP to your account and get all your promotion activities back to work.
Based on our experiences, you don't need to use proxies permanently. Many of accounts will get back to work without proxy if they use a proxy just for a short time.
Also, we provide you up to 150 free proxies every day to test and set on your account.

What does it mean when a promo status is Complete?

There are two reasons for a Complete Target state:


  • If Coverage number of that promo far less than Followers of that promo, it probably means that the connection between Bot and your Instagram account is interrupted, so you must Reconnect it. 
  • If you have checked "Skip used accounts" option in your Filters, after a while, depending on the number of followers for that promo and the filters you have applied on it, Bot interactions on that promo are done.  It means that Bot has connected with every person it should and there are no more tasks on this promo.

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