+ How to avoid blocking of your account and what to do if your account is already blocked?

Security measures:

  • During the operation of the service do not like, do not follow/ unfollow and do not write comments on your own manually, this can lead to a ban on certain actions or to blocking of your account.
  • If your account has less than 500 subscribers and less than 40 photos, or your account was created a month ago or less, it is impossible to promote account at full speed. You can promote you account only at the "Slow" speed and only with Likes. To promote your account together with your subscriptions and commenting is prohibited.
  • Share a photo on your Instagram accounts via BigBangram service. As your accounts during the promotion are placed on our servers, you need to minimize or eliminate the changes of IP addresses in your accounts.
  •  You can log into your Instagram accounts only to respond comments and direct messages or to view alerts and news. You can use Direct Messages and Comment Tracker in our system as well.
  • Before you start promotion, link your accounts to Facebook, email and phone.
  • Create and promote additional accounts and set the links of each one to the main account, thus it is possible to reduce the risk of blocking the main account and to increase the number of new subscribers at times.

How to return your account after blocking:

1. Go here:


Select "I think my account has been hacked" and "Report it to us" (see screenshot).

2. The following form will come out  (see screenshot 2). Fill in as it's shown in the picture.

3. Below, specify your relationship to the account - if it is an organization, then select the first item. At the bottom put a tick next to "My account isn't hacked, I'm having problems logging in".

4. Instagram will ask you to prove the relationship with the organization that you represent. Attach one jpeg file - any registration document.

5. Click "Send".

6. Soon your will receive an auto reply message, in which Instagram will ask you to specify the problem and attach the documents proving your relationship with the organization. Since you've already sent them this information, while filling in the form, it is possible not to do that. But I did. Just in case.

Yes, you don't need to write in English, if you can’t. They speak Russian also.

7. In response to the letter you need to state in details the essence of the problem and try to prove that you are a normal company, and not some spammers. Tell them how it was, what you enjoyed, what was posted, why you could achieve block. Please apologize for possible violation of the rules. This letter (if you're lucky), will be read by a live person, who will make the decision about the activation of your account. So do not skimp on the good words. If you weren't a malitous spammer, didn’t abuse the mass following and mass Liking, then you have good chances.

8. Now you have to wait. How long – nobody knows. It usually takes from days to weeks. On average, 2-3 days. If your account is activated - you will receive an email from someone from the Instagram administration.

After receiving such letter it may take another 5-6 hours before your account will reappear on the server. So don't be nervous, if you don't see it immediately.

If you have no official documents of the company - select 3 (my account, but there are no my photos there)

Then you will come to the answer that you need to specify the date when you last came to the account. Do not make a mistake. And your address, which was tied to the account.

Further, you may receive the request "Please reply to this email and attach a photo of yourself holding a hand-written copy of the code below."

This means that you need to write on a piece of paper the code that will be in the letter. Pick up a piece of paper and take a picture with it. This item works flawlessly, if the account had your photos. If these were not, may request other evidence. (e.g. proof of registration of the domain name)

It can happen that you do not receive the response letter, it means that that read it, but decided that it’s not necessary to answer to you.

Don’t wait more than 2 days, rewrite, your letter will be read by other person and probably he will decide to answer you. You can write as many as you want, until your account will not be unblocked. But at the same time, give clear answers to requests in the letters, check your letter before sending.

We wish you success in the promotion!

Best Regards,

BigBangram Team

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