+ How to promote a NEW account? The rules and limits of Promotion.

If you have just registered your account on Instagram and want to immediately begin to move, then you should follow a few rules. To clarify, term "new account" includes following accounts::

  • The account that was registered less than 1 month ago
  • The account has less than 600 subscribers
  • The account has less than 40 photos

If your account falls under at least one of the above items, there are special rules for promotion:

  • The account can only be promoted at the "normal" speed
  • The account can only be promoted by Mass Liking (until you reach 500-600 followers)
  • Before you start promoting your Instagram account must be linked to Facebook, Email and phone
  • Before you start promoting, your account must have at least 40 photos uploaded from the phone manually
  • Before you start promoting, you need to manually subscribe to 50-80 people
  • The account must have a profile photo, bio and name

As for "new accounts", there are special limits of promotion, which you have to set:

Per day:
  • Follows - 100
  • Unfollows - 100
  • Likes - 100
  • Comments - 100
Per hour:
  • Subscriptions - 10
  • Unsubscribes - 10
  • Likes - 10
  • Comments - 10

The limits should be increased once in 2-3 days to +100 and once in a day to +10!

As a result there will be the upper limit which can be reached by official Instagram rules:

During the first two weeks your account should be promoted by Mass Liking” and at theslow” speed only.

  • only two weeks later your account can be promoted by Following”
  • only a month later your account can be promoted by Comments” (Don’t forget to write your own suiatble comments, so that they catch your target audience’ eye and grab their attention. Fast and effective promotion really depends on it)

Why there are special conditions for a new account?

Since you just registered your account, or it simply fits the definition of "new account", your account is under scrutiny by the administration of Instagram. If you immediately begin to promote your account on full speed and with full functionality available to the user, your account could be blocked forever with 90% probability.

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