+ Bigbangram Balance

To use the service functions you need to top up your balance in your Dashboard.

The more you pay - the more you get! 

Top up the balance by any desirable amount and you don’t have to spend the entire amount at once, you can choose how you want it - what and when to use for your promotion.

There are 4 standard packages:

  1. Top up $15 + $0 bonus (get $15 to your balance)
  2. Top up $45 + $5 bonus (get $50 to your balance)
  3. Top up $85 + $15 bonus (get $100 to your balance)
  4. Top up $270 + $80 bonus (get $350 to your balance)

How to activate the promotion

After successful payment go back to your dashboard. You will be able to see your balance and amount of days at the top of you dashboard. 

Click on the [+] button next to the "Paid days" and you will be redirected into the payment calculator.

This page shows all your accounts and your balance. 

To top up your balance select the checkbox next to each account you want to use and select required features and the number of days.

After selecting your account you will be automatically asked to prolong the access for 30 days.
Deselect any feature you don't want to use. You can deselect “Direct message”, “Comment Tracker” and just pay for Instagram bot (Promo).

  • Promo: Instagram auto follow, auto like, auto comment, auto unfollow
  • Direct: Send Instagram automated direct messages
  • Comment tracker: Have all your Instagram comments in one page, mark or reply to them easily

You can select the default number of days from the drop-down list. It’s possible to extend for following period:

  • 30 days
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 1 year

After you select any of the options the system will automatically recalculate and show actual price deducted from your balance.

When it's done, click the"Apply" button. The functions will be activated immediately.

In the above example we chose 1 account and 30 days for Promotion section. System made recalculation and showed the amount to be deducted from your balance.

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