How to find Targets for promotion

The most frequently asked questions are how many promos do I need, how to find a good target for promotion etc. So we've decided to explain it all to you.

Instagram Promo Strategy, What To Do

You can add an unlimited number of promos. The promos do not work all at the same time. It doesn't make sense because each account has daily/hourly limits, which we cannot jump over.

Promos work one by one and you can have unlimited promos at Bigbangram... So it's logical to have many promos, the more of them the better. It works like this:

  1. You add 10 promos
  2. Wait for 2-3 days
  3. Look at the conversion rate shown below each promo. Conversion rate is the percentage of users that followed you back after you did some action on their account (like, comment, follow)
  4. Get rid of all the bad promos with the lowest conversion rate. For reference 10% is a good conversion rate. Below 5% is too low.
  5. Repeat.

This is the general approach. Now let's get to the second important question.

Where To Find Good Target Accounts

Target account is a popular account in your niche. You create a promo specifying this account as a target and the system likes, comments and follows their followers so that they would follow you back.

For instance, you sell boots. Then tier 1 target accounts would be Instagram online stores that sell boots. Tier 2 would be all other clothing and accessories stores, like dresses, watches, belts etc. Tier 3 would be followers of fashion blogs. For each tier I'd normally look for accounts that have at least 10K followers. It's OK to take smaller, but they just finish sooner (where there's no one left to act upon). I don't usually take super huge accounts, like 500K, they usually work a little worse, but you can still try and see if it works for you.

If you plan to use "Only likers and commenters" checkbox, then I strongly advice to use huge accounts. It should work in this case and promos will last longer.

How does it help us? You open google and type "buy boots instagram" and it gives quality links right away! There are few stores on the first positions, which I don't want to advertise here. Sometimes google would find an article like "Top 10 <your niche> accounts to follow", then it's even easier. Just copy those accounts and see how it goes.

Another great tool of finding such accounts is Instagram itself. In our boots example we just type in #boots and then start examining who creates such stores. Within 5 minutes we'd be able to find a lots of suitable shops to work on.

What Happens If You Don't Have A Niche

For instance, you are just an average human being with a personal account, not selling anything. In this case we suggest to find a celebrity/celebrities which you somehow resemble and work on their accounts. If you just select a huge account like the one of Selena Gomez, you will have lower conversion, but it will surely work.

Why Some Promos Have Low Conversion

Some people buy fake followers. And when you target such account, you waste your auto likes, comments and follows on such dead accounts, which will never follow back.

Another reason is a bad choice of target audience. Even within same niche one promo can be 25% and another one 5%. So just keep trying to find good promos and get rid of bad ones.

Other Settings To Consider

In our example we sell boots, so we have to set a Gender filter. It hides within Settings --> General --> Check Gender. We set it to Female.

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