+ How to customize comment templates for Bigbangram auto-commenting?

You can write the comments which will be posted on your behalf by the Instagram bot. We have already written some general and suitable ones. So there are some comments by default. However, you can delete those comments and add yours. 

If you want to add your preferable comments, you must comply with the Spintax format. 

We recommend you to add more than 10 different neutral comment templates if you use Comment action. But still that could not be enough. Sure thing, no one can add hundreds of comments manually. But what if you could add 1000+ different neutral comments just with one (or few) templates? This is possible with BigBangram! We have implemented support of Spintax format for the comments and now its as easy as a pleasant stroll. 

What is Spintax? You can read some more information on Wikipedia: Article spinning

But we'd like to add some more details.

Spintax is a writing format used to "spin" or re-write existing content. This format generates different comments and avoids any suspicion from Instagram. The purpose is to create many unique articles from one source article. Take a look at the next example: "{Nice|Cool} photo!". Each time when this phrase is posted as a comment the "{Nice|Cool}" part will be "unspinned" and we will get two different comments: "Nice photo!" and "Cool photo!".

Really cool and easy, right?

There are no limits on how many Spintax parts can be used in the comment. Furthermore, you can use Nested Spintax format:

"{This {photo|image}|Your {shot|picture}} looks {nice|cool|awesome}!" and get 12 absolutely different comments. Some of them:
"This photo looks cool!", "Your picture looks nice!".

The more variety you use in your Spintax templates the more different comments you get. Just take a look at this monstrous example:

"{|||Wow! |Hey! |Looks {nice|cool}! }{{I like|I love|Like|Love} {this|your}|{Very nice|Nice|Cool}} {photo|foto|picture|pic|image|img}{.|!|!!| :)| ;)| :D| <3}"

It gives you 2058 (!) unique comments like these: "Wow! I like this photo :D", "Looks cool! Very nice pic!!", "Cool image!" etc.

Note: Do Not post spammy comments. Do Not include any URLs or phrases like “check my profile” or any other advertising information in your comment. It is better to put this type of information in your Instagram profile bio. If you intend to post spammy comments, your Instagram account could be blocked by Instagram.

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