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One of the best ways to communicate with followers on Instagram is sending Direct Messages in order to increase the conversion.

Now you can send auto direct messages to:

1. Each new follower (welcome message): if you select this option, your message will be sent to every new followers.

2. All existing followers: if you select this option, your message will be sent to your own followers. After choosing this option, you can see a new option called “Custom filter”. With “custom filter” you can limit your target audience.

3. Custom user list: if you select this option, you will see a file that you should enter all Instagram usernames (They can be non followers or your followers) that you want to send message to them. You should enter one Instagram username in each line and You should use “@” character before each username (exp. @username).

How to start sending direct messages:

1. Go to DIRECT MESSAGES tab and click New message”:

2. Enter the text message that will be sent to the followers.

You are able to create variations of some words. So every time the message is generated from the template it's going to be unique with no additional effort from your side. Let's have a look at the message format:

{Hello|Hi|Hey} @username, {thanks|thank you} for your follow.

You can create options for any word. Whatever you want to customize goes into the brackets {} and all variants are separated inside using | (usually located above Enter on keyboard).

The example above would produce 6 unique messages:

Hello @username, thanks for your follow

Hi @username, thanks for your follow

Hey @username, thanks for your follow

Hello @username, thank you your follow

Hi @username, thank you for your follow

Hey @username, thank you for your follow

Note! Be sure to use this pattern {## | ## | ##}, it is explained below.

3. Attach an image.

On the right hand side there's an image selection. Just pick one of the photos you posted to increase impact.

4. Choose recipients audience:

  • each new follower
  • all existing followers
  • custom user list

5. Click Activate”.


Sending direct messages to the existing users can be filtered according to the specific criteria:

Sending direct messages to the specific users requires typing name of accounts on a new line starting with the @ character

Note! Our system can send between 80 and 150 Direct Messages in a day.

Questions & Answers

Q: How many per day can I send?

A: We send approximately one message per 10 min, then that's 144 per day.

Upon reaching the limits of sending direct messages it pauses and then resumes again, you can see at Message Log section.

Q: Are there guarantees Instagram will not issue a temporary messages ban?

A: No, Instagram will randomly pause messaging function in accordance with their internal algorithms. To reduce risk, please create a good template with lots of options so that there are no similar messages.

Q: How can I track messages I sent?

A: On the bottom there is a Message Log sub-tab, sent messages are stored there.

Q: What are the Completed Messages?

A: It applies to the Custom list. When you run out of the recipients, the message moved to the Completed section.

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