You don’t know how to start the promotion of Insta?



You don’t know how to start the promotion of Insta?

The friendly team of BigBangram hurries to help!

We’ll teach you how to spend just 2 hours a week in order to achieve a significant income increase of your business!

First, let’s find out what the point is and how it works:

Let’s pretend that you work in sales of fashion clothes and you would be very glad to have new followers. Who would not? =)) )

You have an account in Instagram with beautiful photos of your goods, but there is a problem – you have a small number of followers, they click “likes”, but it can’t give you income.

And here BigBangram hurries to help!

The service automatically likes, comments and follows ONLY people who are important to you. Due to this, users receive notifications and pay attention to your goods, product or service. The only thing you should do is to set up the process described above. It’s quite simple and will not take much time!

The easiest thing to start is to attract followers of your direct competitors (account of the competitor on Instagram – “donor”). This choice is perfect for you, if you would sell similar products / services for lower prices or offer your customers a greater variety.

In this case, followers of the competitor are obviously interested in your products / services. You just find a page on Instagram of famous competitors and run your first promotional campaign. (In case if you haven’t connected accounts yet or you have any problems with the settings, please read the link below – /)

So, you’ve spent 10-15 minutes of time and have already made a huge step towards getting a new income.

But you shouldn’t stop on this, let’s expand the reach of your potential customers. As you can see in the manual of setting the campaigns, there is custom targeting for hashtags which is provided in the service. In this case, you can attract not only the owner of the hosted post with the interesting for us hashtag, but also those who liked this post!

This method is a little more complicated than the previous one, so let's take a look at the process in more detail:

For example, you are selling clothes. The first association that comes to mind is “fashion”, “dress”. Just add the hash symbol (#) before these words (#fashion #dress) and enter it into the search bar in Instagram application (in the case of clothes sale it is helpful to use more precise queries, such as dresses, bags, sneakers; in general, these are the categories of goods that you are selling). After that, when you have entered the hashtag with a lot of references in the search bar, spend another 15 minutes of your time to study the feed, look through it and you will see what extra hashtags do different users include, which of them can become your customers. The more hashtag is being used by your target audience, the better result will give an advertising campaign, which is oriented on this hashtag. So, try not to use too popular hashtags, it is better to use less mentioned, which are more targeted and more usable for your audience.

You should collect several variants of the most satisfying hashtags and run some new campaigns. Don’t forget to pay attention to the owners of hashtags and for those who click “likes” at these hashtags in your Instagram account.

So, you've spent another half an hour and you've already run a complete array of advertising campaigns, which will give you a positive result!

After all here are some advices:

1. Analyze. At first, until you’ll gain your experience, you should keep an eye on the statistics. If some of the advertising flows show you bad result (conversion), turn them off and think about why it happened and what should be changed.
2. Experiment. The ideas of where to find an audience often come spontaneously, don’t waste your time, test different audiences and you will find your “goldmine”.

3. Resize. If you see that you can cope with a large consumers flow, then don’t restrict to one account. Create and use more, because our service allows it =)
4. Communicate. Check out your followers’ comments and questions. Answer on them and, believe me, the result won’t take too long. Offer consultations, give advices and make jokes, because customers love it!

Contact us on or at the website in the chat (right-bottom) and we will answer all your questions.

We remind you that after the first payment we provide FREE setup of your several promotional campaigns!

Good luck! And yes, let’s the profit be with you!




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