+ I added a promo, but it stays on the same place

If it’s the first time you added the promo for your account, some time must pass, while the service will start working with it, it usually takes no more than 5-10 minutes. If after that the promo still didn’t start working, the reason can be the following:

  1. In the promo there is no target audience that fits your preferences
  2. This promo is a private account
  3. This promo is a blocked account

If you put too many settings, the service will be narrow your target audience to your settings and criteria for promotion.

Consider the following example:

You added an account for a promo in which 10,000 subscribers.

In the settings for the promotion you entered the following:

  1. Skip private accounts
  2. To skip 10% of accounts
  3. A minimum of 30 photos per account
  4. The maximum number of Followers - 1000
  5. The maximum number of Followingss - 300

Then out of those 10,000 followerss in a promo will be only a small part, due to the fact that all the other followers do not fit the criteria set by you and settings.

It may well be that you added the promo where there is no your target audience in general.

The best option for this promo "Followers" and "Targets" strategy.

Followers strategy is the donor account from which the system will take followers to work with. It can be a popular account or any of your competitors. If you add donor account as a promo with 1 million followers, the service will definitely find your target audience, even with a large number of settings.

Targets - is the work with lists for Mass following.

They will be one of the best conversions, as originally collected by your target audience. But the main thing to gather that their target audience and properly formatted the list under the format ID - in other database formats, the service will not work.

Our team recommends to collect a database in the service Segmento Target - one of the best parsers for Instagram, easily, quickly and correctly find your target audience to turn it into the ID format!

The more there are filters and settings, the worst will be a promotion for the hash tags, especially on "Hash-Tag Lovers", this is an internal feature of Instagram. Best are "donors accounts". There is more people there and more fall under the filters and settings.

IMPORTANT! If you are sure that you added the promo definitely for your target audience, but the service still does not work with these promos, just throw off all the settings by clicking "RESET" in the settings.

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