Competitions in Social networks as a promotion tool

There are several tools of promotion of accounts in social networks such as Instagram, Vkontakte and Facebook, but the most effective at the moment are raffles and contests.

For example, contests are:

Creative, in fact, are designed to create the best content, the competition between talented people: to draw a picture, write a story, record the track and so on. Advancement here is based on the principle "call friends" - involved user asks his friends to help him win, at the expense of increasing the number of subscribers. There is an efficiency, but much depends on the page’s theme - for video games better to use beautiful screenshots than drawings, for artists - to show off your work than to write the tale. But the prize in this case is usually inexpensive and formal. The main goal is attention.

See, this is my "need to insert"!

Photo contest is also aimed at more the content than the result. Prizes are rarely valuable and important, but the opportunity to see your kitty or flower makes you feel better without additional stimulation. In addition, it is an effective way to frequent change avatars community. Users participate in such actions with pleasure (especially in Instagram), though without much hope of winning – but subscribers steadily arrive.

«Miss community»

Voting is conducted in several phases that allows you to prolong the effect of the influx of new users and are typically free or with a modest commemorative gift. The meaning of "cheat" real users votes ("likes", "hearts") to members of their friends. The process is simple – the user comes to the page, at least in order for the friendship to be noted in the contest, and as a result acquainted with the content and, possibly, stays. The main disadvantage of such shares – outflow of about 30% of the subscribers after the contest ends and a lot of work for the moderators.

Like? Repost!

Normal or typical contest is conducted on the system of "like-repost". To encourage growth in subscriptions, the main condition is the participation in the group. The main disadvantage of such contests – the prizes must be at least somewhat valuable and better if their will be a lot of: a great list of even small prizes makes the hope of winning more and covers a much larger audience. Today it is the most effective way to quickly attract a huge number of people.

For example, this year Vkontakte was held sensational contest from the gaming community "IGM" , basing on such system. Despite the negative reputation associated with the scandals because of the content copied and stolen the names of the popular magazine "Igromaniya", the success was deafening. The administration has achieved a tenfold increase in subscriptions, audience of 4 million users, technical problems on the dozens of resources on the Internet the day of summing up what the results of a three-GDI transfer for a new term, popular among video game lovers throughout the CIS.

How did they achieve this?

Long period in the life of the action – all concerned have time to learn about the competition and connect to it;

A large list of different prizes – hundreds of positions were distributed even without user verification;

Themed prizes – even everything that belonged to the topic of the community indirectly, was manually styled to the theme;

The high cost of the main prize – despite the fact that the lion's share of the winners received cheap gifts, attention has been focused on very expensive computers and the machine;

A lot of high quality content – each of the prizes were shown and was considered during the entire period of the campaign in great detail to heat the interest of subscribers;

Loud announcement of the results – the administration, as earlier published lists, held a drawing online, with direct interventions in the office.

All together created an explosive effect, due to which now the cost of advertising the post in the community up to $2000.

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