What your Instagram account can be banned for?

Why Instagram banns?

This is a phrase from the rules, which came into force on January 19th, 2013 and they are applicable to this day. This is the text for the paranoid, or rather for those who are very very afraid that his account will be banned. As for the messages about cleaning the users, which everybody saw, this applies to bot networks. Instagram carries out such sweep every year, no need to panic, it is unlikely that you will fall under it, so as usual this applies to networks of 1000 bots.

What can you publish with a picture?

You may not publish photos or other materials contains violence, full or partial nudity, as well as illegal, violating someone's rights, violent, pornographic or obscene materials.

Do not post pictures without clothes

Comment: partial nudity for Instagram is a loose concept. Try to avoid photos with suspected exposure.

From experience: Usually you take out the first warning, but there were cases of ban without


The Instagram Logo.

The Instagram name and logo are trademarks of Instagram and may not

be copied, imitated or used, partially or completely, without

prior written permission from Instagram.

Comment: for using of the Instagram logo - ban.

From experience: never seen it.

Pictures of other people.

This applies to other people on your photo and/or material copied or found in

The Internet. Accounts that use mainly such materials, can be

disabled at any time.

Comment: this is the reason of the ban in 99% of cases.

From experience: at a time when Instagram support actually worked

all the bans were due to exactly this item.

Photo of the documents.

Ban without exceptions for credit card information, social security number

or other national ID, personal telephone number or personal

the email address belonging to dRef="242"to you or another person.

Comment: a picture of any of these things can lead to your ban


From experience: very rarely, but met such cause of the ban.


You must not create or send unwanted e-mails,

comments, Likes or other forms of commercial or cause

concern messages (also called "spam") to any users of Instagram

Comment: if your "likes" or comments will be considered as spam

or commercial, you will get banned.

Repeating comments, using of the service for self-promotion, and

also any comments that contain commercial spam, such as codes for discounts or URL

'web sites.

Comment: this is a rough list of what Instagram deems to be spam. Please make an attention

to the "duplicate comments".

From experience: for comments they ban with a breakneck speed, the likes of the ban have not met

even in conversations.

The creation of accounts.

You must not create accounts with the service through unauthorized means,

including, but not limited to the use of automated devices, scripts,

bots, web spiders, crawlers or scrapiron.

Comment: the accounts that are not registered with the phone fly to the ban.

From experience: really ban with a high probability.

Now, please understand the importance of each issue by the number of mentions in the rules


  • Intellectual property (other people's photos) - 12 references.
  • Comments (spam) - 4 references.
  • The Likes (mass liking) - 1 mention.
  • Subscription (mass following) - 1 mention.
  • Use services to automate (including BigBangram) - 0 references.

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