How to create a geolocation point in Instagram?

For example, you have your own firm/office/shop where you or your customers/visitors make pictures and then share them on Instagram. When you publish photos, there will be a label on the map, with the name of your company. This has a positive effect on brand awareness and increase the number of clients, because every picture around your geo points, will have a label on the map with your title.

Create your geopoint:

  • In the Facebook app click on the link "Where you are"
  • In the search box, enter the name of the new location and select "Add"
  • How to find and choose the category of your place
  • Select "I'm here right now"
  • In the field "Geolocation" enter the street name (optional)
  • Click "finish"
  • Visit proposed sites click the link "Create"
  • Publish post in Facebook
  • Take a photo in Instagram
  • When you publish a photo select "Add to photomap" and click "Name a place"
  • On the page "Location" enter the full name created in Facebook places
  • Publish the photo

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