+ Safety Tips

Maintain an active Instagram account

Do not start Bigbangram using until you haven't an account with a profile picture, bio, and at least 15 posted photos and/or videos. By other words, it’s important that your Instagram account doesn’t look fake or spammy.

Enable notifications from Instagram
Ensure you’re using a correct email with Instagram so you’ll get email notifications on your account status. If you’re unsure about which email you used to sign up for Instagram, you can check this information on the Instagram website or directly in the Instagram app by clicking Edit Profile.

Recommended Actions
Do not use all the Bigbangram actions simultaneously as an Bigbangram beginner. 

Bigbangram allows you to like, comment, follow and unfollow. However, for the first few days of using our service, we suggest that you start out with the Likes function only. You can turn off follows and comments on your targets.

Recommended Speed
Start out using Bigbangram on Slow mode to ensure your account is safe. You can increase the speed to Normal after a few days and Fast after a few weeks.

Instazood activity speed

Night pause
Turn on Night Pause in your Activity Settings. When checking this box your account activities will be stopped for some hours after midnight. This is for emulating real user behavior as normally people sleep at night.

Instazood night pause

Be careful when using Comments
Use a variety of creative and short comments. Aim for 4-5 words maximum. You can also add emojis.

Make sure you use more than 10 comments. Using less than 10 comments is very risky.
Don’t be spammy with your comments. Do not include any URLs or phrases like “check my profile” or any other advertising information. You can put this type of information in your Instagram profile bio. Note: If you’re using really spammy comments, your Instagram account could be blocked by Instagram.

Important use warning
Do not use Instagram on any of your devices while Bigbangram is running. Do not use other Instagram automation services while your Activity is running through Bigbangram. This can cause your account to be temporarily or permanently blocked.

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