+The conversion. CTR and statistics

Getting more followers is significantly depended on your promos. The efficiency of promos is defined by conversion, so you must always monitor your promos’ conversion in order to improve your Instagram growth.

CTR (conversion) is the percentage of the number of people that followed you (only those people who were engaged by the service) against the total number of touches (likes, follows, comments).

Good conversion is considered to have CTR of 5-6% and above.

After a couple of days watch over their conversion rate. 

Remove promos which have a conversion less than 5% and add new ones. 

You should do this process at least one time in a week to get the most out of your Instagram bot. Some promos show you high conversion at the beginning, but after some days maybe they don’t work that well. We suggest choosing one week for time and check the conversion of your promos.

If CTR stays low, work on your content: post high quality photos, make attractive captions, write good description on the profile. Try to make your account interesting for others.

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