+ How to deactivate the promotion and turn off the bot?

If you want to stop activities of your Instagram bot and save your paid days, you should turn off your Instagram bot. When you turned your Instagram bot off, your days will be returned to your Bigbangram balance. If you want to run your Instagram bot again, you should add days to your account and activate it.

You can use this tutorial to return your whole days to your balance then divide your balance to your accounts again.

1. Click on [+] button at your dashboard:

2. In opened page you should select your accounts.  If you have multiple accounts, you can turn off some or all of them together.

Click on turn off button.

3. After clicking on turn off button, you will see “start” and “return money” buttons on your account(s).

4. Finally, click “Apply” button to apply your changes.

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