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With Bigbangram it is very easy to read, respond, delete, organize all the Instagram comments.

This function allows you to trace all the incoming comments and process them directly from Bigbangram system. 

It means that you don’t need open posts one by one for answering comments.

You can instantly receive, store and process all the requests from your clients in one interface.

All the new comments will be shown up at this section: 

You can do the following actions:

  • Read new comments
  • Reply online 
  • Delete
  • Mark as Important 
  • Mark as Resolved


Read all incoming comments for all photos from a single feed, never miss a comment. No need to check the app every 5 minutes.

Reply instantly to all the comments online directly through the system. 

 If a comment has inappropriate content you can delete it.

Important tab is for comments that are important to you or issues that can't be resolved immediately.
You can use this tab to organize all important comments in one place. Once a comment is no longer important mark it as "Resolved". This setting is just for you and will not be reflected in Instagram.


Mark as Resolved when you are done with this comment.
Add comment to "Resolved" either you replied "thanks", or don't want to reply, or resolved the issue or when the comment is no longer Important. Once clicked this comment will go to the Resolved sub-tab. Treat is as archive.

If you promote more than 5-10 accounts it's incredibly convenient not to use your phone while you are able to keep track and process all the comments in Bigbangram system.

This solution allows you not to miss a single comment or customer query.

Buy Comment Tracker function.

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