+ How can we know that Bigbangram is working correctly? with statistics

When you connect your Instagram’s account to Bigbangram - We give you free 3 days trial on all features (Instagram bot, comment tracker & direct message) for your first account.

After connecting Instagram account, you must add targets in your dashboard. The Instagram bot will start after max 20 minutes automatically. 

Bigbangram will start after adding the first promo in your dashboard, but Instagram bot needs time to show you the number of activities. You can see statistics of activities in your dashboard. Also, you can set different type of filters (status or/and type or/and time) for statistics:

In the Promotion tab inside the dashboard, there are some statistic filters of your promotion. Set them like below and click on Apply button:
Status: All (not deleted) 
Type: All types
Time: 24 hours
After page loads, look at the Coverage number. If it wasn't zero, it means that your Bot is working.

! Important:

You can set time filter to see your activity in last 1 hour or other times. The number of “Coverage” in statistics shows the number of your activities (follows, likes and comments) base on your applied filters.

  • By clicking on more button, you can see more detail of statistics.
  • If you think your bot is not working, first you must check your statistics (mainly coverage) at least after 2 hours after connecting your Instagram account.
  • If your coverage number is zero, you must click on more button in statistics and check your skipped number.
  • If your skipped number is too high, It may because of Instagram blocking. So, you must stop your account for 8-12 hours.

Promos Activity

Bigbangram Instagram bot works on promos one by one, so if at the first some of your promos have zero activity it’s not meaning bot not working, in every promos Bigbangram shows you number of likes, follow, comment, skipped, coverage and Conversion (the success rate of promos).

! Important: sometimes promos are disabled because of the following reasons:

  1. Your auto unfollow is started, please don’t stop unfollow process.
  2. Your promo is completed (in “Status” of promo).
  3. Your promo is paused (in “Status” of promo).
  4. Your activity time is finished.

What solutions do we recommend for these situations?

  1. Let it unfollow until it finishes unfollowing or you change your auto unfollow settings.
  2. You can delete your promo by clicking on trash icon in the bottom of the target. You can add this target again or add other promos.
  3. You can click on the start button in the bottom of the promo..
  4. You can click on Paid day to buy more activity time.

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