Confirmation a phone via SMS

What to do if you got a confirmation over the phone?

1. In the left column with all your accounts you will see that the account with the error flashing red.

2. Click on this account and you will be taken to its work panel.

3. Go to your Instagram account on your phone and click "Edit profile".

4. In this settings choose the second item from the bottom "Phone".

5. Enter your phone number and be prepared that you will receive SMS with the code.

6. Enter the 6-digit SMS code.

7. Go back to BigBangram tools and click on the trash icon right next to the name of your account.

8. Add again your account to the system.

9. Ready, your account no longer requires confirmation by SMS and keeps on going!

P. S. To avoid this confirmation, link your Instagram account to your phone, email and Facebook to start promoting.

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