+ Usage Recommendations

We do our best to fully protect you. There are certain rules to safely work with Instagram and greatly reduce ban possibility. Please read carefully:

  • Make sure that the email address you used for Instagram account registration is still valid and accessible.
  • Upload a profile photo and fill out your profile.
  • Publish at least 6 photos to your account via the phone.
  • The Web link should lead to a website with original and unique content.
  • Make sure the content of your account does not violate Instagram rules. We are not responsible for Your actions and their consequences.
  • Do not copy pictures from other accounts without the consent of the owner (or make changes to pictures).
  • Post new pictures with a frequency of 1 photo in 1 to 3 days. The more alive your account looks, the more you will get followers.
  • Do not use similar account names (for example names xxx1, xxx2, xxx3) Instagram will think that they are very similar and will closely monitor them.
  • If Instagram will understand that you have several identical or very similar accounts, they can ban all the accounts.
  • Avatar and profile information must be completed and must be different for all of your Instagram accounts.
  • Pictures and captions in all your accounts should be different.
  • IMPORTANT! Passwords for all your accounts should be different.
  • The behavior of your Instagram account should be similar to the behavior of a real person. We developed a system that takes this into account and simulates the operation of a real person.
  • IMPORTANT! If your accounts are linked to your Facebook, phone number and email, the risk of banning or temporary blocking activity are greatly reduced.
  • IMPORTANT! Promote comments very carefully. The comment text should be general and suitable for any photo.
  • IMPORTANT! Promote only with Likes until you get 600 followers.
  • IMPORTANT! When you are promoting accounts in BigBangram system, we recommend you to post photos through our system.
  • IMPORTANT! If you unfollow manually or change the number of planned unfollows, please set limits not exceeding daily limits.
  • IMPORTANT! When working with BigBangram we recommend NOT to use any other similar systems and, if possible, not to go into your account via the official Instagram app. The less you login to your account from different devices, the less likely you will get a ban from Instagram.

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